And may not fully express them. 
Questions for you to ponder:
~ Do you ever think you're not good enough? 
~ Do you fear you're just. too. much?
~ Are you petrified of rejection and judgment?
~ Are you afraid to dream?
~ Do you censor yourself because you think what you have to say isn't important?
~ Do you think there's more to life than what you're living right now? 
~ Do people tell you that you're talented, amazing, etc...but you can't believe them?
~ Do you think it's impossible for one person—for YOU—to change or impact the world?
~ Do you hide or dim your beautiful and brilliant light? 

If you answered "yes" or "maybe" or "I don't want to think about it!" to any of those questions, I have a hard truth for you:

Inner gremlins are running your life.

And that is not okay! 

Because Inner gremlins:
...kill your self-confidence.
...drain away your joy in life.
...make you play so much smaller than we all need you to play.
...suck away your motivation to take good care of yourself.
...take away any drive to uncover and go after your desires. 
...make you feel like you don't matter.

Imagine what your life could be if you were free from your inner gremlins. Your limiting beliefs. Your fears. Your limiting behaviors. That voice in your head.

Maybe you would:
  • take exquisite care of yourself
  • go after your desires
  • allow yourself to desire
  • ask for a raise
  • make the sale
  • be impervious to rejection, because you KNOW you’re awesome
  • write or call your representatives
  • ask your loved one to do something different to make you (and them) happy
  • start a business
  • speak your truth to power
  • allow your creativity to run wild and free
  • be open to love
  • love yourself
  • take risks that could take you to the next level...instead of fearing the worst
It's a sad truth that way too many of us have an abundance of inner gremlins that keep us from achieving our potential.
Gremlins like...

I’m not good enough.
I’m not smart enough.
I can’t do that.
I’m not lovable.
I’m a fearful person.
I suck.
The world is a scary place.
People are mean.
Money is evil.
My body is ugly.
People who have money are evil.
I can’t save.
And on…and on…and on… and on… and on… and on… and on…

If any of these resonate with you...wouldn't it be AMAZING if they no longer did?
How often have you wanted to do something, but didn’t because a little voice said that it wasn’t possible, or you wouldn’t succeed, or that you’d look stupid, or whatever?

That voice sucks.  THAT VOICE IS LIMITING YOU.  And you deserve better.

Because maybe you act in ways that don't serve you. Maybe you procrastinate. Avoid things that you fear will cause you pain or discomfort. Maybe you're a perfectionist. Maybe you play small.  Maybe you say no to opportunities.

Or maybe you have deep-seated fears. Fears of rejection, failure, abandonment, intimacy, judgment, and more.

And maybe your inner voice is ridiculously cruel and critical.  Maybe s/he tells you that you're not good enough, that you'll never amount to anything, that you're ugly, fat, and all sorts of crappy icky stuff.

I'll be straight with you: 

The world needs you to overcome this craptastic nonsense.  Because that's what it is! There is no sense to it.  It's just habitual bad thinking.  Just like eating sugar or biting your nails or cracking your knuckles, these are bad habits...and they can be changed.

The world needs YOU to live to your highest potential and shine your light as brightly as possible.

That's why I created this virtual retreat.

During this virtual retreat, you will get sooooo clear on your inner gremlins.

You will uncover your limiting beliefs, your limiting behaviors, your fears, where they came from, and most of all, you will learn powerful and effective tools you can use so they no longer have as much power over you...and maybe even WAYS TO MAKE THEM VANISH.  

This retreat is for you if:
  • You're ready to say sayonara to the gremlins in your head that are keeping you small.
  • You're ready to let go of the thoughts that are keeping you from going after your dreams.
  • You want your inner voice to say positive things, instead of negative and critical things.
  • You want to understand where these thoughts and fears come from so you can let them goooooooo.
  • You are ready to be the best you possible.
Date & Time options:

​​​​​​​Saturday, December 8th, 1-6pm ET

You'll get: 

: My super powerful and effective 12-step system to overcome your inner gremlins...that you'll be able to use on any limiting beliefs and fears that come up...for the rest of your life.

: My favorite core tools to create an abundant mindset and celebrate the awesome things about your life, and why they are CRUCIAL for letting go of your inner gremlins!

: The power of CHOICE. You will be able to choose how much power your limiting beliefs will have over you, rather than being powerless before them.

: Email support as well as optional one-on-one support from me.

Ready to let go of your gremlins? AWESOME! 

Click the link below to step into your power and join us. 
That's me, Eryka Peskin!
I'm an abundance coach, a licensed social worker, a fierce cheerleader, and I have a bunch of financial services licenses too.

I do this work because my all-encompassing desire to is free us all from the inner gremlins that prevent us from going after our beautiful dreams and desires.

I believe that people who are happy and in touch with their abundance do good things in the world, which means that an abundant mindset is good for the world, and that it is our birthright to achieve our highest potential.
Retreat Details 

Saturday, December 22nd

1-6pm EST

We will work together on the phone/online and there will be solo work offline.

When you enroll, you'll get information on how to prepare and get the most out of it. 

Investment: $97

Scholarships and payment plans available. Contact me so we can arrange it.

Q: Why will this work for me when/if other courses or books or whatever haven't?

If you have this question, then I can tell that you've got some self-doubt and are perhaps feeling hopeless that anything for you can or will change. Honey, I understand! I've been there! 

First of all, we're going to spend a good chunk of time on letting go of those thought patterns and see where that hopelessness comes you can let go of it. Because it's bullshit and it's messing with your head.

Second, just by asking that question, you've made an important shift. You have insight that what you've tried before doesn't work, and you're (hopefully) willing to try something new.

I will say, though, that I can present the information and the support...and that you've got to commit to yourself to do the work and try something new. If you can't do that, then this course isn't right for you. I'm not interested in taking your money and you not doing the work and then feeling even crappier about yourself. That's not what I'm about, and that's not what I want for you. 

Q: Why are you qualified to do this?
Well, I have a Masters degree in social work from Hunter College School of Social Work in NYC, I founded a women's empowerment nonprofit, I went through hell and back financially and decided to learn about money and got all sorts of financial licenses, and I've coached hundreds of people to overcome their limiting beliefs and fears in order to achieve their highest potential. 

My unique perspective of women's empowerment + social justice + finance + my general brilliance has helped me create a 12 step system to overcome limiting beliefs and fears (which you'll learn as part of the retreat).

And, crucially, I have seen time and again that helping people step into their power and own their awesomeness is THE best way to effect change in a world that desperately needs good people to make their voices heard.

Q: Who is this course for?
If you are ready to speak your truth, own your gifts, stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone, overcome your inner gremlins, and more...then this retreat is for you!

More specifically, the retreat is for people of all races, ethnicities, beliefs, and gender identities.

Q: What happens once I sign up?
Within a few hours after you make your payment, you’ll receive a personal welcome e-mail from me with information about how to access the calls and additional info. Everything is set up to be as easy as possible for you. And if it's not, let me know!

Q: Where does this course take place? 
Wherever you are! You just need to be able to access your email and ideally a phone line. (There are international dial-in numbers for almost every country, so we should have you covered. But if worse comes to worst, you can access the recordings online.) 

Q: Do I have to be in the U.S. to participate? 
Nope! Just be aware that the emails will be in English, unless I slip into the occasional Spanish or Czech. :)

Q: I love it! Can I pay in installments? 
I'm deeply committed to my work being accessible to whoever feels the call, so YES! Contact me so we can arrange it.

Q: What if I don't like it?
I know how scary it is to invest money in something that might not appear to have an immediate, tangible return. I'm so confident that this program will be AWESOME for you that I'm happy to guarantee that you'll get something out of it...or your money back. You'll have to do your part—complete the course, show that you read all the emails and did all the action steps, and make your request by December 31st—but if you do all that and find that it didn't serve you, then you'll get a nice refund from PayPal (less a 10% processing fee). 

Still have questions?  No worries! I am so excited to go on this journey with you, so if you’re still not sure, contact me and I’ll answer any questions you may have. 

Ready to sign up?  AWESOME! Clickety-click here and we'll make it happen!